Whilst out shopping at a Half-Price Books store in southwest Fort Worth several years ago I spotted this word graffiti on a back driveway loading dock door. I have to agree with the writer of these three short but powerful words.

I hate Christmas too. All it is is a corporate fund raiser. Remember, Jesus hated the money-changers.

I’m already sick of it. In fact, even more so, because I spent over two hours at work last week helping the ladies, who care about Christmas as if it’s more important than life itself, erect Christmas trees and dangle garland all around the rooms the trees were in and then I helped put up that other crap you hang on the fake, plastic, metal-based “tree”, the lights, angels, colored balls, shiny strings, etc., on two different floors. Now I have to spend everyday at work, until AFTER Christmas because they never take the shit down until AFTER New Year’s Day, looking at this shit.

And don’t to forget to buy shit for the annual Toys For Tots drives you’re e-mailed about at least three times a day at work unless you want to be looked upon worse than Mr. Scrooge. And, yes, I did that non-paid duty by buying poisonous Made In China (is anything made anywhere else?) hand-held games and Hot Wheels cars at the Dollar General store on Granbury Road and Hulen Street.

I’m such a Christmas grump I actually kept the coolest looking one of the Hot Wheels cars I purchased.

Yes, I will go to your so-called Hell but I will find people there like myself and we will have a blast for eternity while the rest of you fools swirl around in the clouds in white gowns forever listening to Perry Como and Johnny Mathis tunes.

Oh, I have a buddy who hates Christmas maybe more than I do. Read his X-mas sucks rant here: Meatlights 39


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2 responses to “JESUS HATES SANTA

  1. Yep you nailed it on the head: “All it is is a corporate fundraiser”. I’m kind of suprised this holiday didn’t die in the 1930s since most people didn’t have money to buy shit then. I guess the rich kept it afloat though.

  2. meatlights39

    With accrued years I found I can better tolerance for this shit of a helliday, like a beekeeper who can get stung hundreds of times a day with no effect.

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