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Senselessness Is All We Got

“Almost nothing makes any sense to me.”

Gary Goude

I don’t think anything is supposed to make sense. It’s really all senseless considering this planet is headed, slowly, into a black hole, or, I should say, the Milky Way galaxy our planet is located in is being slowly sucked into one. And, maybe, long before that scenario plays itself out, the sun might boil us to a crisp. So no living creatures in this vast universe of unknown will ever know Man existed anyways, unless those space aliens are real and have been documenting us for centuries on end and have, on their planets, libraries full of shit found on Earth. So, to me, life is senseless, which is why we should just party and have fun and enjoy our short stay on Earth with drugs, booze and fucking. But, nooooooo, there’s this rule, and no one remembers what asshat made it up, that says you have to work a shit job to make barely enough money to house and feed yourself and live an existence that is worse than death itself.

Now, does that make any sense?


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