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Kids today are the biggest pussies of all times. When I was a kid I didn’t have nothing to play with but sticks and stones and bugs (Remember those flying bugs that glowed in the dark? GONE.) and cheap-o bikes to ride, sewers to explore, boxes of matches to light and, most importantly, our own imaginations. We’d played with crayons, Monopoly, Etch A Sketches, play tag or that game of finding a fellow kid, hide and seek. We live in a Section 8 apartment complex on James Avenue, near Crowley Road, in south Fort Worth. It was called the James Avenue apartments and all of us kids there had a blast every damn day and hated with a passion when we were called home for dinner. It was me and my sister and my mom and I have great memories from that place, some of the best of my life. And I learned to ride a bike there, all by myself. I’d walk the bike to the top of this incline and get on and ride down and fall off until time after time until, one day, I didn’t fall off. The thrill of teaching myself to ride a bike was exhilarating. The bumps, bruises and cuts were all worth it because, unlike today, I had no protection. No one back then had to have a helmet (they weren’t even invented) or elbow/knee pads and no one was watching over me scared I’d fall off and hurt myself. I wanted to learn to ride so I freakin’ learned by doing it. I didn’t have to take a class. I didn’t have to put on training wheels. I didn’t have to have supervision. I used my mind and my determination and those two things worked. This was during the mid-to-late ’60s. A big grass field that led to a little creek is where we’d kids hang out and make shit up as we went along, stalking crawdads and hanging them up on strings to fry in the sun. I’d get a magnifying glass and burn the grass and insects.

Kids today are protected, cherished & educated into constant fear, with schools more like prisons than institutions of higher learning, etc. Flyers and e-mails go around neighborhoods warning of crime and child abduction and sexual predators. And we didn’t have any Neighborhood Crime Watch nonsense. Sure, we had the “stop, drop and roll” b.s. in school about the Cold War’s possible nuclear warhead attacks from our great enemy, the USSR, which, just like today’s WMD, never happened. But I was so young it never bothered me. I paid no attention to it because I was more interest in having lots of fun after school with my buddies. And we didn’t have to gang bang or have initiations in order to join a group. We caused no harm to society. We might have made noise and irritated old farts but that was it. We didn’t do drive-bys  or steal or tag property.

Kids today are cuddled (“Everything’s going to be okay, Johnny”), drugged into stupors with ADD pills and given awards even if they finish dead last in the race or contest. Back in my day you either won or you were a loser, period. I always lost, which made me who I am today, pissed off, pure hate for the inhumane animal, on a heavy dose of an anti-depressant, work a shit job, shrink in crowds and can’t wait for life to end.

So when the real shit of real life hits these pussified kids in adulthood they won’t be able to handle the truth or rejection because they’ve never been given the truth or haven’t gone through the hard knocks of life from the beginning. So sad to learn life’s lessons after 20 years of the easy life than right from the beginning of it. I bet the doctors today don’t even spank the kid when he emerges from the womb. That’s probably done in an effort to avoid any possible lawsuits from parents who are insane, the same ones who didn’t get a hard knocks eduction like I did. Oh, yeah, corporal punishment in school in my day was whacks from a hard wood “spanker” or else having to sit in a desk outside of the principal’s office, sort of like in the Middle Ages when fuck ups were put in those wooden things where their hands and heads stuck out and people threw rotten fruit and spoiled eggs at them. It was called shaming people into doing the right thing.

Unfortunately the survival of the fittest has become almost extinct, due to too many medical miracles that allow sick and unfit people to live on in sub-standard living conditions through drugs and physical therapy, so more and more people are living to longer than useful ages on this planet, up to 6 billion now, polluting it into extinction and is also why global warming is killing us off with tsunamis, monster hurricanes, record snowfalls/heat and the like. Our self-destruction button has been punched and we deserve to die for what we’ve done to Earth. And I couldn’t be happier with that. This planet is for animals and not for the filthy human beasts who spread like a super virus, consuming every resource until it’s gone and then finding more resources and eating that shit up too.

Good riddance, I say, to the filthy human animal. Our time here is up, finally. And it should be since we’ve fucked up everything that was given to us.

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